Why Parent Training?

Attachment behaviours between parents and children impact all future relationships in the child’s life. Secure attachment changes the world, by hard-wiring children's brains for connectedness, compassion and mindful awareness. Attachment parenting is not a specific set of skills - it is the establishment of a relational foundation that is disciplined, consistent and deeply loving, and that changes dynamically as kids grow and develop.

Amazingly, your child’s capacity for healthy long-term relationships with others is largely dependent on YOUR mental health! If there are regular struggles in your relationship, they can impact your daily interactions and experiences - gradually squeezing the joy out of childhood, and out of the beautiful adventure that we call parenting. Seeking help in your parent-child relationship is a brave step into the unknown, which parents never regret!

In almost every family, secure attachment can be taught and learned, and robust mental health can be achieved! Research shows that parents who receive Adlerian parent training are equipped to raise competent, kind and clear-thinking kids who lean into their own lives with confidence. Since parenting arguably the most important job we will do , learning how to provide our kids with models and methods for mental health and resilience is foundational - that’s what Parent Training is for! 

In my practice, Adlerian Parent Training is provided in ASD-Informed and non-ASD-Informed  formats, because ASD exerts a particular set of challenges on the parent-child relationship. What does YOUR family need? I look forward to hearing from you. 

Parent Training (Non-ASD)

Parenting is supposed to be fun (remember?!) I provide group-based Adlerian Parent Training. This model teaches parents how to understand what motivates their kid’s behaviour, how to respond with love and  consistency and how to establish democracy within their homes and families. It also provides insights into our own experiences when parenting, why certain behaviours make us feel like our heads might pop off, and how to lean in and learn, in exactly those moments!

Families experience decreased stress and increased understanding and enjoyment of their kids, after Parent Training. Parents and grandparents are welcome to contact me - I offer this course “on demand” and decreased rates are available for pre-formed groups of 6 or more (friends, faith communities, Parent Groups etc.)

Parent Training (ASD)

Parenting is Big Work even when parents and kids are wired-up similarly - it is additionally complicated by ASD and other forms of neuro-diversity. However, your neuro-diverse child needs a secure attachment relationship as much as any other child; their mental health and social/emotional development depends on it. In this program, parents of kids with ASD learn how to adapt established Adlerian parenting techniques to make them accessible to, and successful for, kids with ASD

Parents report that ASD-Informed Parent Training significantly improves their understanding of their child’s needs, behaviour and motivation. Training supports attachment-based developmental gains in kids with ASD, and allows parents to reclaim the fun and delight of parenting from the heart!

ASD-Informed Parent Training is available in flexible formats. Parents, grandparents and pre-formed groups (E.g. ASD Parent Support groups) are welcome to contact me to discuss their needs.