ASD-Informed Play Therapy

ASD-Informed Play Therapy provides children (ages 2-16) with developmentally stimulating, play-based therapeutic interactions, within a positive and supportive environment. This Adlerian model supports expressive and receptive communication, self-regulation, collaborative play and creative exploration - helping kids to make profound discoveries about how positive relationships work, and how enjoyable they are!

At every age, friendship is central to mental health, and living with neuro-diversity often makes forming and sustaining friendships difficult. Kids who experience repeated relational breakdown with peers need play-based experiences of themselves as socially capable, able to integrate their ideas with those of a playmate, and welcome to communicate their worldview and be recognized and celebrated for their unique perspectives! Kids with ASD in particular, need skills and supports to help them connect with peers through positive, meaningful shared experiences. ASD-Informed Play Therapy is not about compliance - it is about engagement, collaboration, communication and building authentic and enjoyable shared social experiences!