About Ruth M. Strunz, MC, RP.

I am a Registered Psychotherapist in private practice, and I hold a Master of Counselling Psychology. Currently, I am Canadian Chairperson of the Family Education Section of NASAP: North American Society for Adlerian Psychology.

I specialize in ASD and attachment, and I work from the belief that all people need to feel belonging. I know that with guidance and support, parents of children with ASD can significantly improve their child's developmental trajectory. In addition, I see that adults with ASD (or with difficult early-life experience) can intentionally develop healthy, positive relationships, when they are ready to engage in an accessible therapeutic relationship designed to help them do so.

My work is influenced by my background in developmental and educational psychology and Relationship Development Intervention (RDI). I support people of all ages who struggle with building or sustaining healthy relationships. I believe that ASD and other forms of neuro-diversity (ADHD, Sensory Integration Disorder, Adoption-related Attachment Disorder etc) can seriously erode relationships, and I know that this need not necessarily be the case. My practice is a blend of psychotherapy and teaching, which is enhanced by my studies and experience in the fields of counselling psychology, sensory processing, interpersonal neurobiology, parenting and mindful awareness. I look forward to hearing about you, from you! 


Mental health is essential for wellbeing! As an Adlerian therapist, I believe that mental health consists in finding a sense of belonging that is grounded in and also nourishes, meaningful relationships and community. This is equally true for people with and without ASD.

My clients are all ages and life stages, and bring a wide variety of issues to explore in therapy. Alongside my general psychotherapeutic practice, I specialize in ASD-Informed Psychotherapy. I developed this unique model of therapy which fosters healthy attachment relationships between people with ASD and their loved ones. Our therapeutic journey together will be guided by your goals (or your goals for your child) and energized by my commitment to your mental health and wellbeing. I am dedicated to making psychotherapy deeply accessible to individuals with ASD, and to those who love them.

Social Justice

As a Psychotherapist I am privileged to carry a unique responsibility and to have regular opportunities for social justice activities. I am committed to creating inclusive schools and communities, where neuro-diversity is regarded as a set of gifts and special abilities, and people with are ASD celebrated for the unique strengths they bring, and perspectives they offer. To this end, ASD-Informed Psychotherapy reframes many difficult experiences as outcomes of systemic cultural bias, inviting the individual with ASD to rebuild a sense of themselves as a significantly contributing member of their community, and a fresh narrative for previous difficult experiences.

I provide training and consultation to professionals (psychological, educational, legal, medical etc.) who intend to provide ASD-Informed service to their clients/students/patients.

I welcome opportunities to work with parents and teachers on creating developmentally appropriate Individual Education Plans (IEP’s) making the Ontario curriculum accessible to children who require additional learning supports, and in particular those with atypical sensory needs and social/emotional barriers to inclusion.

I am an engaging public speaker who enjoys providing parent training and school-based presentations, professional development opportunities and conference workshops on ASD-Informed professional practice. You are welcome to contact me directly to discuss your needs.